Teddy speakers:

The Teddy Speaker not only lets you preview the song on your teddy; Bluetooth technology lets you play any song or sound that soothes the child anywhere.

You can also buy the teddy separately here.

Songs with the teddy loudspeaker are available from €99.99 - Click here to go to the shop.

Unfortunately, have you not recorded any heart sounds and would like to have the teddy bear individually?

Included in the set: The teddy loudspeaker with the song on a mini SD card, a picture of your child's heart sounds, a USB charging cable and a user manual.


Please keep in mind that the teddy loudspeaker is not a toy, but a playback device for your song. 

Heartbeat Box :

If you prefer to hold something smaller in your hands or want to make a great gift, we'll be happy to send you your song on a USB stick in our beautiful little heartbeat box. The joy will be huge.

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We will also be happy to send you your song as a download.

When we have finished recording your song, you will receive a download link for the song and a little surprise. Perfect for sharing directly with your friends and family.

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